Pivotal Tracker Webhook Setup

Pivotal Tracker is an Agile Scrum based Project Management system.

In Pivotal Tracker you will need to setup webhook for each project. Also you should have admin/owner access to the project.

Here are the steps on how to Setup the webhooks:

  1. Login to your Pivotal Tracker Account.
  2. Select the Project for which you want to add the webhook.
  3. Goto Project Settings page. The url will looks something like this :
    • https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/2198215/settings
  4. Goto the Webhooks Tab :
    • https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/2198215/webhooks
  5. Copy the Webhook url from the Settings tab of the PivotalTracker app which you have created in Appitara.
  6. Paste the Webhook URL in the URL Textfield.
  7. Select V5 in the dropdown.
  8. Click on Add.

Thats it, now you are ready to receive the messages in Appitara. You can try adding a dummy task to the project in Pivotal Tracker.